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Research themes

Research and development are important features of the Botanical Garden's enterprise. We investigate the diversity, relationship and development of plants. The significance of nature and the garden for our health is another theme. We also strive to conserve endangered species and develop garden cultivation even further.

The diversity of the plant world

Knowledge about the diversity of the plant world is invaluable for the assessment of which plants are endangered.

Cultivation and garden plants

Garden cultivation is continually being developed in the Botanical Garden. How are the cultivated plants used and how are they given their names?

Saving and conserving

Many plants are endangered. One way of saving them is by cultivating them outside their natural habitat, as we do in the Botanical Garden.

Nature, garden and health

In the Botanical Garden, research is ongoing on how nature and gardens can facilitate the rehabilitation of people who are ill on account of stress.

Plants and climate change

The earth's climate is getting warmer, which we have observed clearly in the plants in the Botanical Garden, but how are the ecosystem and diversity being affected?

The ecosystem services of the city's trees

Ecosystem services are the benefits, services and experiences that nature gives us to increase our well-being. This is being studied by some of Botaniska's scientists.

Updated: 2019-08-27 11:42