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Give a donation

ginko biloba

The Donation fund

You can transfer big or small donations to the bank giro 393-4916 (ask for the donation fund). As the donation is used for development and research that will benefit the education of children, the fund is tax-exempt.

Last will and testament

A testament to the Botanical garden can at somebody's will be a added to the donation fund and if it's a large amount, it can become a new fund. Gothenburg Botanical garden remain and a testamentary donation will therefore even in the future be a great support for us. 

Particular fund

When big donations are given, a special fund can be created with a particular name of the givers wish. You can also decide how your donation will be used. Contact Göran Jungersten, call +46(0)703-006564 or send an e-mail

Voluntary admission fee

The admission fee to the garden is voluntary but we'd like to see SEK 30 to be paid per person. A small amout can be a lot for the Botanical garden and if everybody pays the amounts will be significant. 

Updated: 2024-01-03 14:58