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Comfort rules

A couple of simple rules

  • Don't play ball or frisbee
  • Dont't start a fire (including one-time or camping barbecues) 
  • Don't climb trees
  • Don't pick plants or any plant material from the garden, like seeds, branches, cones, sprouts...
  • Don't leave your children unattended
  • No bicycling or driving in the garden. For reasons of safety only transportation of goods are allowed into the garden.
  • Take care of your rubbish. We have stations for visitors to throw and sort their litter. The stations can be found in the entrance-area, at the playground or behind the white gazebo.
  • Dogs are not allowed into the garden during 1 mars - 30 september. The reason why dogs are not allowed into the garden this time of year is that Botaniska, apart from other gardens and parks, have very extensive, fragile and unique plant material. Think of the garden as a museum. The vulnerability is especially at its peak during the growing period.

  • Dogs on leash are allowed October 1 - February 28.

Thank you for respecting these rules!

Updated: 2024-01-03 14:55