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About Botaniska

Lökträdgården Botaniska

One of the larger botanical gardens in Europe

Gothenburg botanical garden is one of the larger botanic gardens in Europe with an area of 175 hectares. Of these around 40 hectares are intensely cultivated. The rest is a nature reserve. About 15000 species and cultivars (varieties) are cultivated. Among these are a number of important scientific plant collections, i.e. bulbous plants, alpines and temperate trees. Well-known are also the annual horticultural plantations of bedding plants greeting the visitors near the entrance.

New greenhouses with a visitor center will be build and be ready 2026.

Education and research

A basic activity for the garden ever since the start has been to carry on education and scientific research. As an official municipal establishment, horticulture and recreation have also been impor­tant components. The garden have an active collaboration with Gothenburg University.
Basically all higher education in West Sweden concerning plants is still carried out in or in the vicinity of the Botanical Garden. The garden has its own educators serving the schools in the region. 

Gothenburg botanical garden is one of the foremost tourist attrac­tions in W Sweden with about 650,000 visitors per year.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden is part of Region Västra Götaland.

Updated: 2022-01-24 16:21