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Nature, gardens and health

Research shows that nature and gardens have a very positive effect on people’s health and well-being. The Botanical Garden is striving to develop nature’s and the Botanical Garden’s contribution to a good living environment.

According to research, nature and gardens help patients to recover more quickly. Employees become less stressed and playschool children acquire better physical proficiency and concentration. Even a view looking out on natural surroundings has positive effects. You don't need to venture out into the wild to benefit from nature, in other words.

More and more people are moving into cities. This means that gardens, parks, green belts and woodlands near cities are extra important for recreation and outdoor activities. These areas are vital for the simple reason that they are so accessible for so many.

Increased understanding of how and why nature and gardens have positive effects on our health can lead to many advantages for individuals and society. Botaniska has compiled publications with research results on the impact of nature and the Botanical Garden on health. These publications are available in Botaniska's shop. 

Nature reduces stress

Vad significance have nature and gardens for the rehabilitation of stress-related illhealth in connection with Green Rehab? Read more on how nature reduces stress.

Pollen and health

How can pollen prognoses improve and increase quality of life for people with allergies? Read more on pollen and health.

Updated: 2019-08-27 11:16