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The greenhouses are closed due to corona virus. Heavy traffic on the main road weekdays 7am - 4pm. Please chose path above the mirror pond.

  • Gramina et flores
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  • Bildrabatt 2021
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  • klippträdgården vattenfall
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  • flicka med förstoringsglas tittar på blommor
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  • Trappsteg i sten lockar till vandring bland rododendron och ormbunkar i Smithska dalen.
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  • Flicka har satt sig vid kanten av japandalens damm som på ytan är prydd av körsbärsblomblad.
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  • koi och dahlia
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  • land art konstverk
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  • höst i klippträdgården
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Gothenburg Botanical Garden

The Garden’s total area is 175 hectares (about 430 acres), most of which is a nature reserve and includes the Arboretum. The garden proper is about 40 hectares (almost 99 acres) with something like 16,000 different species and cultivars in various parts of it. Among many fascinating parts of the garden are the Rhododendron Valley, the Japanese Dell and the Rock Garden with its waterfall. In the Greenhouses you will find about 4,000 different species and cultivars, including some 1,500 orchids, a remarkable travertine department and the rare Easter Island Tree.


The garden has information about its different parts. You can find them in the shop, or download here:


Garden Explorer

Explore our plant collection by searching for your plant of interest by its common or scientific name. Perhaps you are interested in a special part of the garden? Use the map feature to search for its location.

What's on?

There is always something going on i the Botanical Garden. Enjoy different exhibitions presented in Swedish and English. Or take a walk with our app, "Botaniska".