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Plants and climate change

Our emissions of GHG are making the earth’s climate warmer. The Botanical Garden’s research is teaching us more about how climate change affects plants and ecosystems. We are also striving to save endangered species.

During the past 100 years, the earth's temperature has increased by 0.74 °C. As a consequence, the average temperature in the Arctic has increased twice as fast. The ice- and snowcaps are diminishing and the sea level is rising. There is no doubt that the earth's climate is changing. According to the UN climate panel IPCC, this is very probably the result of human beings' GHG emissions into the atmosphere.

Climate determines to a great extent which species thrive and grow in a specific place. Climate change is causing a number of species to be exposed to climate conditions with which they have difficulty in coping. Besides, other competing species that flourish in the new climate can establish themselves and drive away the original ones. Parts of today's ecosystems may then be changed or disappear completely. This is a serious threat to biological diversity and many separate species may become extinct.

Global warming is already affecting ecosystems and biological diversity. The distribution of species and flowering times are changing, and the numbers of outbreaks of pests and diseases increasing. The Botanical Garden's research is teaching us how climate change affects plants and ecosystems. Increased knowledge is essential to be able to counter negative effects and facilitate adaptation to future climates.

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Updated: 2019-08-27 11:19