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Disa uniflora

Disa uniflora

Originally from Table Mountain in South Africa, Disa uniflora has a special place in Botaniska’s orchid collection. It is considered very hard to cultivate, but Botaniska has had fine specimens since 1932.

In its natural habitat, Disa uniflora is found on the banks of streams and on sloping wet heaths. These are habitats that are difficult to emulate in cultivation.

The Disa family consists of 99 species of ground orchids most of which grow in South Africa. Disa uniflora flourishes in a small area in the South-Western Cape Province. After nearly having been made extinct by collectors from all round the world, it was soon protected, regained its strength and is currently no longer in danger of extinction.

The Botanical Garden's collection of Disa uniflora can be enjoyed in the greenhouses' Disa house, where its exquisitely red-hued flowers bloom in July and August.

Updated: 2019-08-14 07:47