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USA 2016

At the end of September, 2016 Henrik Sjöman and Henning Pettersson from the Gothenburg Botanical Garden went on a three-week-long research trip to the Appalachians in the eastern USA. The journey started in New Hampshire in the north east and was concluded in southern West Virginia. During this exciting expedition, a great number of trees and bushes were studied and documented that have the potential for cultivation in Sweden.

The aim of the journey was to develop knowledge and experience about some of our most popular garden plants, concerning how they grow in their natural habitats, so as to be able to plant them in contexts where they will be able to develop in the best and most beautiful way they can in Sweden. We hope to be able to share our experiences from the trip in more detail later on. Until then we ask you kindly to make the most of these excellent photographs.

Updated: 2019-09-19 14:18