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The members of the network are botanical gardens and arboreta that holds documented collections of living plants for the purposes of scientific research, conservation, outreach and education.

Membership criteria

Requirements to be part of the network include membership in Botanic Garden Conservation International (BGCI) and from 2021 to be accredited by BGCI as a botanic garden.

The Swedish botanical gardens meet yearly and collaborate to form strategies and policies in accordance with national legislation and international guidelines and conventions. Other forms of collaboration include plant material, plant management systems, practical management, teaching and conservation. SNBG is represented in the Program for Diversity of Cultivated Plants (POM) and European Botanic Garden Consortium (EBGC).


bergius botanic garden

Bergius Botanic Garden

The Bergius Botanic Garden is a botanic garden with a history dating back to the 18th century – since 1885 located at lake Brunnsviken in northern Stockholm. There are utility crops, plant geographic areas and extensive systematic sections.


Gothenburg Botanical Garden

The Garden’s total area is 175 hectares (about 430 acres), most of which is a nature reserve and includes the Arboretum. The garden proper is about 40 hectares (almost 99 acres) with something like 16,000 different species and cultivars in various parts of it. Among many fascinating parts of the garden are the Rhododendron Valley, the Japanese Dell and the Rock Garden with its waterfall.

Lund Botanical garden

Lund Botanical Garden

Ever since the end of the 17th century, there has been a university garden in Lund. In the 1860s it was moved to its present location. With more than 600 000 visitors annually, we are one of Sweden's most visited gardens. The garden serves as a source of knowledge on issues related to botany, horticulture and the environment for universities, schools, authorities and the general public.

SLU Knowledge Garden

The SLU Knowledge Garden

The SLU Knowledge Garden is a botanical garden located at SLU Uppsala, where it is used for teaching and researching built environments. The garden is also a place for recreation and inspiration that is open to all.


The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala

The Uppsala University Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Sweden. It attained worldwide fame in the days of Olof Rudbeck and Carl Linnaeus. The old garden is today known as The Linnaeus Garden. The modern botanical garden is situated by Uppsala Castle and house more than 7,000 plant species. Linnaeus' Hammarby preserves an authentic 18th century milieu which few other Swedish manor-houses do.

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