Internationellt pris till Botaniskas pedagoger

The Schloss Dyck Foundation gav årets specialpris till Botaniskas pedagogiska verksamhet för sin variation och entusiastiska lärare.

• The "Special Award of the Schloss Dyck Foundation" - this year focussing on educational activities in historic gardens – was given to the GOTHENBURG BOTANICAL GARDEN in Sweden. The jury was impressed by the variety of educational activities for children offered by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of teachers there. The Botanical Garden, not far away from the centre of Gothenburg, is a beautiful historic park with a huge number of different gardens, landscapes and greenhouses. There are offers for children in each season, including the long winter. The programme invites children to learn more about single plants and plant families (both in the gardens and in the laboratory), about nature and biodiversity or about the different landscapes on earth. But there is also a lot of creativity, cultural activities, games and fun too.

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