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Opening hours and admission fee

Closed due to corona virus.

The Greenhouses are open daily from 10 AM until 5 PM in May – August, from 10 AM until 4 PM in September – April.

Closed on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Admission fee SEK 20

Sweden's largest collection of tropical orchids

Human beings have long been fascinated by orchids' ravishing blooms and scents, and their ways of attracting and stimulating insects to pollinate them. There are over 1,000 species of orchid in the various rooms in the greenhouses.

One of the rarest trees in the world

The only natural habitat for the Easter Island Tree was Easter Island in the South Pacific. However, it has been extinct there since 1962. The tree growing in our greenhouses comes from seeds collected by Thor Heyerdahl during his voyage to Easter Island in the 1950S. Read more about the Eastern Island Tree

Carnivorous plants

These plants are enabled to survive in otherwise extremely barren habitats by their ability to catch and "eat" insects and other small creatures. Their organs for catching victims are often diabolically elaborate, such as traps that crush, sticky traps and goblet traps. Read more about carnivorous plants 

Wild and hard to cultivate

Dionysia grow wild, mainly in Iran and Afghanistan. Most of them are so-called cushion-forming plants. When they bloom in the very early spring, they are often completely covered with yellow or violet flowers. They are very hard to grow, but we have 35 of the 50 known species here in our greenhouses.

Updated: 2017-03-27 10:05