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Stallbacken med dagliljor

Daylilies come originally from Easy Asia, chiefly Japan and China. The genus includes about 15 wild species. After extensive breeding there are almost 40,000 kinds nowadays.

This layout, created in 2004 by Peter Korn among others, displays the diversity resulting from systematic selection and cross-breeding.

Did you know?

Daylilies have rhizomes not bulbs like real lilies. They belong to a different tribe altogether, the Hemerocallidaceae. They are called daylilies because each flower often only blooms for one day. Since new flowers are being produced continuously, the briefness of their lives is barely noticeable. Well into the 1960s, horses still used to work in Botaniska. The grey building was their stable, hence the name here, Stableyard.

Updated: 2017-06-27 08:50