Rhododendron Valley

Rhododendron Valley

Acid soil, high humidity, a sheltered location and a relatively mild winter climate are the conditions which make our collection of wild rhododendrons one of the largest in the Nordic countries. There are more than two hundred wild species on display and at least twice as many cultivars.


During most of the year you will find some of them in flower. The most common colours are pink and red, but their palette is also made up of white, yellow, purple and blue. It may be said that Rhododendron dauricum is the hardiest one and if the weather is mild it may start flowering in the late autumn.


Hybridized, leaf-shedding species, so-called garden azaleas, reach their peak at the beginning of June, while many of their more delicate, wild relatives may blossom earlier or later.


The richest flowering of rhododendrons, however, takes place from the middle of May until early June. A visit in late April can be most rewarding in the Rhododendron Valley. A magnificent flowering of rhododendrons and delicate spring flowers alongside the rippling creek is an experience, often enriched by the most delightful bird song.