Discover the amazing world of plants

In the gardens there is always something exciting to investigate. Our aim is to spread information and knowledge about the world of plants, the climate and biological diversity. The greenhouses offer exciting environments, from tropical rainforest to dry deserts. Welcome!


Outdoor education

A classroom for all school subjects

Gothenburg Botanical Garden has a growing education department which works with outdoor education for children and adults. Every year approximately 10 000 students take part in different activities in the garden. Outdoor education has many benefits; it improves concentration and enhances learning ability, reduces stress levels and increases the amount of physical activity. The Botanical Garden has a new educational
area where school children are able to partake in gardening programmes. We are investing in a new shelter and in the long term planning for a new education centre.

Meet our head teacher Helen Ekvall

Outdoor education in Gothenburg Botanical Garden