365 bilder från Indien

bilder från Indien

Fotoutställning av Geetanjali Sachdev. Växthusen 13 maj - 10 juni. Vernissage 13 maj kl. 13 - 14, workshop med konstnären kl 14 - 15. Workshopen hålls på engelska.

Designern och pedagogen Geetanjali Sachdev från Bangalore utforskar den indiska konstformen rangoli där ofta botaniska mönster används. 

Utställningen pågår i Växthusen t.om. 10 juni

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Designer and pedagogue Geetanjali Sachdev from Bangalore India exhibits research materials from her Ph.d (Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology)with regard to pedogogy and the botanical. A video work ”Kalendar” by Sachdev, Smriti Mehra and Gabriel Harp:  composed of 365 rangolis is central to the exhibition.  These particular Rangoli patterns were found just outside the gates of houses located in Yelahanka, Bangalore. Each pattern marks a day of the year with a pattern and festivals are marked with flowers. There will be a one day workshop for visitors to the Botanical Garden to experiment with rangoli. Rice powder, pigments and forms from Bangalore will be used as well as botanical ” refuse” or bring own materials. Ideas lifted in the workshop concern ritual, superstition, tradition and sustainability.  The exhibition also includes documentations of botanical images as wedding announcement and decorated trucks; bringing some of the rich visual culture of India to the Garden. 

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